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I stopped smoking after a two hour session !

" I stopped smoking immediately after the two hour session !! I have not had a cigarette or wanted one since !! : Just one two hour session that is all it took ! "
Miss R A

I stopped the life long habit of biting my nails.

" After five sessions of hypnosis with Paul I stopped the life long habit of biting my nails . It was a truly relaxing experience and achieved what I wanted. "
Mr D A

I lost a stone in weight without major changes to my lifestyle.

" Originally I only took part in hypnotherapy to help a friend out , but now I can't recommend it highly enough!! My aim was to lose a stone by Christmas ( 3 months ) and I reached exactly that and without major changes to my lifestyle It felt like a switch had been flicked inside my head and my whole attitude to food had changed. Couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement from Paul too. "
Mrs C H


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