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First consultation

At the first meeting Paul will take a medical history from you and understand what the issue is that you are seeking help for. He will explain hypnosis to you , answer any questions , and give a basic hypnosis session so you know what to expect. Finally at this session you can agree a treatment plan. Generally this session will last about an hour.

What to expect

During the session you will experience the relaxing benefits of hypnotherapy. You will be in control at all times . Paul will guide you into a hypnotic state during which you will be relaxed and open to the positive suggestions that are made. Afterwards you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

How long is a session.

Each session is booked for an hour . This allows time to discuss progress from previous sessions , deliver the hypnotherapy session and review the future plan.

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment by contacting Paul via our online contact form.


By Telephone : 01438230319 / 07985031393.




The initial consultation is offered at 60.00 including a basic experience of Hypnosis. Subsequent sessions are 60.00 each with the exception of Stopping Smoking.

The Hypnosis treatment Paul uses for stoping smoking is based on a one off session of two hours for which the cost is 160.00. with follow-up sessions included if necessary.

These fees are payable at the end of each session in either cash or cheque.

Contact Paul for a friendly no obligation chat to find out how he can help you with hypnotherapy.


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