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What is Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind.
You reach it at least twice a day !

Hypnosis is that natural, day-dreaming-like state between waking and sleep. In this special state, you can learn very quickly; which is why you can experience such benefits from hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a state of mind that can be brought about by an individual or with the help of a practitioner. Once in this hypnotic state the subject is more open to suggestions and also their concentration improves this allows for suggestions to be made that will alter for the better the way the subject thinks or feels about issues that may cause them a problem i.e. low self esteem , fear of spiders etc.

The human brain uses 4 main types of brain wave that vary in frequency: Beta, Alpha, Theta and the slowest being Delta. When we are fully awake and active we produce Beta waves this reduces to Alpha as we relax. Theta waves are present at times daydreaming, some meditation states and also in mid to deep hypnosis. When a subject produces Theta waves then their subconscious mind is awakened and often takes over from the conscious mind this can of course recall memories that have been suppressed and whilst possibly being emotional can also allow healing to take place.

Clients in hypnosis will always be in control; the hypnotherapist does not take over the mind, and can come out of the hypnotic state whenever they choose. When the client is in a hypnotic state their conscious mind is bypassed and the subconscious is accessed. It is here that the therapist can make positive suggestions to override the negative thoughts or feelings that the subconscious has previously retained.

When in hypnosis the client will feel relaxed and able to hear the voice of the hypnotherapist . Often not all words can be heard or remembered which indicates that the client has gone into a deeper state. Due to the relaxing effect of hypnosis clients will be brought back by the therapist and feel very relaxed and refreshed.

During hypnotherapy you are not letting go of anything, not disclosing anything OR doing anything against your will. However, you are being guided to deep relaxation where new learning and positive changes can quickly and effectively take place. You remain in control at all times.

Once you learn how hypnosis feels, you can achieve the state yourself with practice, so that soon you will be able to take yourself into and out of this state of relaxation whenever you wish to. This is called self-hypnosis.

Almost all people report a feeling of deep relaxation following a session of hypnosis.


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